3 Best Tips Why won’t my android phone connected to wifi

Why won’t my android phone connected to wifi

Why won’t my android phone connect to wifi, Many times it happens that you try a lot to connect your phone to wifi but it is not possible, today I will give you complete information why it happens.

If your phone is unable to connect to wifi, then either your phone has some problem or the wifi you are connecting.

Yes, there can be a problem even in the wifi that you are connecting, maybe whose wifi is showing in your phone has not allowed any device to connect.

If you have also turned on the hotspot of someone’s phone to connect to your mobile, then check in the setting of his hotspot, if he does not allow people to connect his wifi then you can’t connect his wifi

Due to changing the software of the phone, there are many such problems on the phone, even if you install a custom ROM on your phone, then such problems start coming on your phone.

Many times it happens that by adding a custom ROM to the phone, your phone’s Bluetooth and wifi stops working, so change your ROM if you are having the same problem.

Sometimes some things on your phone suddenly stop working, such as wifi and Bluetooth stops working, so once you restart your phone, after all, things are start working

If these things do not correct your phone’s wifi, then you can read it below, and also do all this, your wifi will start working.

What to do if your phone won’t be connected to wifi

1. Reset your wifi settings – Many times it happens that you connect someone wifi but after connecting the wifi remains to show the connecting but it cannot be showing connected, then if something similar is happening with you, then reset your wifi setting.

To reset your wifi settings, you have to go to your “phone’s settings

After going to Settings, you have to go to “Connection and sharing

After that, you have to go to “Reset Wifi, Mobile & Bluetooth”


Now click On “Reset Setting”


In resetting settings, as soon as you click your phone’s internet, wifi, Bluetooth, all these things will be closed and your phone’s wifi, Bluetooth will be reset, then you can try connecting any wifi again.

2. Forget wifi password and reconnect again with using the same password – Many times it happens that your phone remains connected with the same password but if you connect your wifi on another day, it does not connect.

If this is happening to you then forget the password and use the same password to connect, after this, your phone will definitely be connected to wifi.

3. Wipe phone Data/ Factory Reset –  If you see any problem with the phone, then people choose to do the factory reset their phone so that their phone starts running again with the same smoothness as the new phone.

So by doing this, you can also improve your phone’s wifi setting and whatever will be the problem on your phone, all the things will be fixed.

But before the factory reset your phone, store all your phone’s data somewhere because after the factory reset all the data of your phone will be deleted.

But all of you will not know how to factory reset, so you see in youtube how to reset your compony’s phone

What to do if all things mentioned above are not work in my mobile device

If wifi is not connected even after doing all these things in your phone, then you have a last option that you will have to install OS software in your phone again.

You can install the software by yourself, but for that you should come to install the software, you can also install it by watching from youtube.

But if you do not want to take this risk, then you can go to your nearest shop and  re-install the software.

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