I Phone 12 Rumors: Realease Date, Screen Size and Latest Features

Coronavirus has spread throughout the country, due to this epidemic, the whole country is closed today

People have spread a lot of rumors that the upcoming I phone will be like this, but no one is fully aware of how the upcoming I Phone 12 will be.I Phone 12 Rumors

but people are speculating that it may have these new features, But Apple has not revealed any new features, it is just the desire of the people that it can have these new features.

All people think that I phone 12, I phone 12 pro, and I phone 12 max, these three phones are going to come, but all these people are just wishing that these 3 phones can come with their new features

But there is nothing like that Apple has not yet launched the phone nor has it revealed any features, it is just the wish of the people that it can have all these features.

It is a matter of understanding that you should not get into the things of the people, you will get to hear much such news that these new features are going to come in iPhone 12, but there is nothing that all these things are wrong.

it may take time to come to I Phone 12 because you all know that the lockdown is going on, that is, the whole country is closed, and it may take a long time to open it.

So you do not trust all these things, just enjoy that people are sharing new things about I Phone, and also tell people that Apple has not made any such statement yet.

It may be that the new iPhone 12 has 4 cameras, but it is very difficult to say, you can only guess, but I liked the dual sim feature of this I phone, because when 1 sim slot was on the iPhone. I used to have a lot of trouble

All of you can just imagine that these new features can come in the iPhone 12, but it is very difficult that all these features will be in the iPhone, you all just keep imagining about the new iPhone until the phone is launched Let it happen

I phone 12 Release date Maybe in October

Street Reporters say that the launch date of iPhone 12 may be October, probably because the coronavirus is everywhere, which is closed all over the country, but it is very difficult to say that the launch date is October because the lockdown is yet to open, But no such indication is found yet

You all will know that the demand of people is very high, for iPhone 12, so many phones will have to be manufactured for it, that is why it may take some time, the release date can also go ahead.

I phone 12 Possible Specification and Screen Size 

the new rumor is being heard that iPhone 12 can come with new screen size, you all will know that the size of the current iPhone SE that has just arrived in 5.4 screen size

So it is very difficult to say that the new iPhone 12 will come with bigger screens, and it is not necessary that iPhone 12 will be the name of the new phone.

Everyone is speculating that if the screen of the iPhone 11 pro max was 6.5 inches, then maybe the iPhone 12 may have a 6.7 or 6.8 inches screen, but this will tell time only.

Yes, if you talk about the specification, then you will get to see a lot of changes and you can also see many new features.

Upcoming iPhone 12 Possible Features

If I talk about the features, then you can see some changes in the battery and camera and Apple can increase the quality of the screen a bit.

You may get to see a little bit more of the battery life of the new iPhone, which is good for you, you will all know that the iPhone battery does not last long.

And you may get to see many new features, such as you may see some changes in the ram as well, you may get some changes in both the front and rear camera, and also you can see the bigger display from older iPhone

If we talk about the screen resolution, then you will get better screen resolution than the old iPhone, and the processor will also be increased.

I don’t know how new iPhone looks like, but until the phone is launched, you keep imagining and listening to news about different new iPhone.

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