How to Start Free Blog using Blogger in 2020 – Step by Step Full Guide

Starting a blog in 2020 is awesome start Because with the help of blogging you can express anything through writing, and if you love writing in any topics then this place only for you and you can earn a decent income from your blogger blogs

A blog is easily created, but it takes a lot of time to make that blog a successful blog, I will only suggest you start your first blog today and if you are new in this field then start with blogger and Write new content every day, whenever you write any content, write it by heart and write your content beautiful as much as possible so that people will also like and read the whole content.

every people will know how many bloggers have become in today’s time, and how many contents are published on google every day. anyone can start a blog easily, but not everyone blogs become a successful blog, why does this happen, do you know, no, let me explain it to you the whole story behind

Searching anything on Google, whoever is showing on the first page, understand that the content is better than the 2-page content, and once checked also the content of the first page and the content of the second page, as soon as You will check yourself that you will know which is a good article, making backlink is a good thing for your blog, with help of backlink you will come to the first page of google for some time but you will not be able to stick to the same position, if your blog is written with the unique word then everyone will like and you will definitely come to the first page soon, if no one like to read your blog then your blog slowly outranked from the first page, so I will suggest the same thing which everyone blogger suggests to newbie bloggers that write beautiful content only then you will be successful in this field or else It’s difficult. If you pay attention to the content, there is no need to create backlinks

If you like to write then definitely come to this field, because you must know that how much content is published daily on Google, then I want you to come in this field with unique ideas, do not step into this field just by greed for money, because I and all the bloggers know that in today’s time everyone does blogging for earning money, so I do not want to see you become like one of them, and it is not even necessary that if you do not know how to write content, then you can not become a blogger, you can become, You will come in this field after learning

Advantage of using Blogger

  • You will not need to pay the hosting money at all, because blogger is a product of Google and you can publish as many articles as you want without paying money
  • You also get the domain name of a which is free and you can use it for a lifetime, but I would suggest that if you want to serious blogging then buy a domain name
  • If you want to work on some niche in which traffic comes more, then blogger is the best, because the blogger handles all the traffic in blogger very easily and the speed of your website is also not slow
  • If you want to learn to blog then blogger is a very good platform, you can make a blog for free and learn skills

Disadvantage of using Blogger

  • You get everything free in Blogger, but you do not get quality, that is, whatever you publish content will not have quality like WordPress
  • Most people like to read the article of WordPress because blogger blogs have neither image quality nor content quality, so that’s why people do not visit the blogger website
  • There is always the risk that no one will read your content
  • Talking about ranking, WordPress blogs rank quickly, because users like to read the WordPress blogs, so blogs created in Blogger do not rank quickly, if there is no competition, you can easily rank your blogger blogs, it is not necessary that it does not rank at all

What are the benefits of blogging for students

  • You can earn money for your expenses
  • You can improve your writing skills
  • You can improve your language
  • you can make a lot of money
  • you can also increase followers in your social profile

How Blogging Can Change Your Life

As I have told you that you can earn money by blogging. And if you start earning money, then your life will be changed in this way, you can earn money by blogging, you can improve your language as well, many people do blogging as a hobby and then start earning

How to create a free blog on blogger

To create a free blog, you have to go to the Blogger website and then sign in with your Gmail account.

As soon as you sign in with your Gmail account, you will have an option showing Create a new blog, you have to click on it.

After clicking create new blog, you have to fill this little box.

In the title Section, you have to write the title for your blog, if your blog is on technology, then write the title related to technology and then put your title in the address box. if it’s not available then change it, and select any theme below it, then click on the option of creating a blog, after doing this, your blog will be ready, later You can also customize whatever you want, but you cannot change the address. Once created, you can customize everything else.

Congrates your blog is ready, now you can also tell people about your blog, and you can share your favorite things through your blog.

Your Blog is ready, but even after this, there are some Seo Settings which is very important to do, so now some Seo Settings should be done so that your blog becomes completely a complete blog.

To do Seo setting, you have to go to Blog Setting

After going to Settings, you have to go to Basic Settings and write a nice description for your blog around 500 Characters

After completing Basic Setting, you have to go to Search Preferences and fill the description by going to Meta tags, but here you only have to write 150 characters, you cannot write more than that and later click on save changes

After this, you have to scroll down, enable Custom robots header tags, and customize a little bit.

Now after doing this you have to click on save changes and after that, you have to submit your blog on google so that visitors can come directly to your blog


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Seo setting of your blog is completely done, now you too can make blogs every day and earn money from your blog.

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