5 Golden Blogging Tips For Newbie Blogger: Everyone Needs To Know

Golden Blogging Tips For Newbie Blogger

I am giving you some great Golden Blogging Tips, You should follow this, if you want to take a step up your blogging career, then definitely follow it.

If you learn blogging then it is very simple, and if you do not learn to blog then you will find it very difficult, but I don’t think that blogging is that much tough

Blogging is just a game of Keyword, if you find a low competition keyword for a website and write content on it, then blogging is very simple for you.

Suppose you have just created a website, which has neither content nor DA and PA is good.

So writing a blog on “High Competition Keyword” will be stupid for you in a way, and you will not be able to rank it

If your website is new, then try to write an article on those keywords where competition less

If you learn all these things, then blogging will become very simple for you, and if you continue to work on the keyword with high competition in the new website, then blogging will become difficult for you.

It is not necessary that you are good at writing, only then you can become a blogger, blogging is just a game of keyword

If there are searches on a keyword but there is no article, and you have written an article on that keyword, then it does not matter whether your content is good or not.

Google will show your content to the people until any good content comes on that keyword, blogging is just this, keep this line in your brain

If you learn to do Keyword Research, then you will get success in blogging very soon or else you will have to wander a lot and learn things

5 Golden Blogging Tips For Newbie Blogger – Start Follow This Method From Today

If you are learning to blog, then you will get quick success only if you start with Niche blog. if you write multiple Niche articles on your website then you will find blogging very difficult.

Why this happens, with the new blogger, look at first you are new in this field, and neither do you know anything well about blogging, then obviously the traffic in your blog is very low.

And if you have created your blog on any Niche keyword, then you will be very easy to bring traffic to your blog, by doing this you will also learn blogging.

If you are new in this field, then make a Niche blog, I’ m Dam Sure you will earn Good Money From Niche blog.

As soon as you make your $ 100 withdrawal with Google Adsense, after that, you can also create a lot of Niche blogs by investing your money.

By doing this you can increase your blogging business, traffic comes very easily on a niche blog, and you don’t have much trouble in ranking articles.

1. Create Your First Niche Blog – As I told you that the blogging is not much hard, create your niche blog today and you will see traffic soon in your new website.

I will suggest you a niche keyword, “Whatsapp Group” is a very good niche keyword, you can write articles by searching many keywords related to it.

I too had created a niche blog on it and there were only 100 articles in my blog And my blog used to get 30000 monthly page views

But I will not say that you will earn a lot of money from this niche, but you can easily earn 100 $ monthly from this niche.

Now obviously it is a new blog, it is very difficult to get traffic in it, but you can also bring traffic in it.

To bring traffic to the blog of your niche, you have to create a Facebook page, share your article daily in it.

If you are working on this niche keyword, then just share your article in Facebook page, this is enough, you do not need to share your article on some other social medias

I used to get 2500 pageviews daily from my Facebook page.

You can create a blog on any platform, make it in Blogger or WordPress doesn’t matter that much, I had created it in Blogger itself and used to come up to 6000 pageviews daily.

2. Share Daily Your Article On Social Media – Social media is a great platform to bring traffic to your blog, if traffic does not come to your blog from google then you can also bring it from social media.

A lot of social media, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, many more such where you can share your blog

Your blog will get backlink from social media and your blog ranking will also increase, if your blog is new, then share it on social media more and more.

3. Find Low Competition Keywords For Your Blog – As I told you, if you are new in this field, then try to work on the least competitive keyword, otherwise, you will find blogging very difficult.

If you are able to do good keyword research for your blog, then you will have great ease to rank and you will be able to bring maximum traffic to your blog.

If you writing bad content and finding low competition keyword for your blog then it’s not much matter

But you write content well and work on the high competition keyword, then you will rank your article very easily.

Content is always king in blogging, and always will be, but you can also work smart by working on low competition keyword

4. Create backlinks via guest posting – If you are a blogger then you must have heard about Guest Posting, you can create a backlink for your article by writing content for someone else.

If you want to bring your blog to the first page of Google, then there is no better method than this, but your content should be worth the first page of Google, only then this method will work.

If you want to rank a particular article, then you can write the article for someone else and tell them that you need a backlink to this particular keyword.

Guest Post on a new blog can also bring very good traffic, if traffic does not come from Google on your blog, You will surely get traffic from that article where you created backlink for your blog

5. Start Youtube Channel Related to Your Niche – YouTube is a very good platform to bring traffic to your blog, so you can create youtube channels related to your niche and also bring traffic to your blog from there.

As I have told you, if you are going to work on the WhatsApp group niche, then you can also make YouTube channel on it.

So Just write articles for your blog and work on low competition keywords, I just wanted to tell you these 5 Golden Tips, and yes blogging is not too difficult as you understand

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