3 ways to get wifi at home for free – Don’t use someone internet illegally

How to get wifi at home for free, Is it really that easy, can we all use free wifi at home, Yes, of course, you can use free wifi by sitting in your house, But how is it possible, how can we enjoy free wifi at home, today I will tell you 3 ways that you can enjoy free wifi from home.

Who does not like to use free wifi, if you get free wifi, then you will definitely use. Do you want to know, because everyone likes the free internet

if you get a chance to access free internet, then more you enjoy it, but if anyone told you to share your internet with someone else, you will not do it at all.

The fun of using the internet for free is something else, I have also used a lot if I start telling you stories from my school, then you will laugh a lot, I have a lot of stories

But I will not tell you all the stories here, but I would definitely like to share an anecdote with you. When I used to study in school, my friend had broadband at home, he always kept his wifi on and I use his wifi

And whenever I used to watch an online movie or download a game on the Internet, I used to call him and say open your wifi

What are the 3 ways to get access to free wifi at home

How to get wifi at home for free

1. Ask your house people to share the internet –  If any of the people of your house are ready to share the internet with you, then you can use their internet by connecting it through your wifi.

All you have to do is open their mobile phone setting and then go to connection and sharing and then open portable hotspot and then click on set up a portable hotspot on, after this click on the check button

By doing this, you can also use their wifi very easily and enjoy but before entering the hotspot, you must enter the password of the hotspot.

If you have not to password protected in that portable hotspot, then anyone can connect to wifi without entering the password, so you must take care of this

2. Ask your friend who lives near your house – As I told you that one of my friends lived and had broadband in his house, so I used to use his internet because his wifi signal used to reach my house

How to get wifi at home for free

So whenever I wanted to connect wifi, I used to enjoy the internet by connecting its wifi.

In the same way, you will also have a friend who lives around your house, you can use your friend’s wifi, you will know that everyone likes to use free internet.

But there are few such friends who give you permission to use their own internet, if you have got such a friend then you are lucky.

3. Purchase Jiofi 4G Router – All of you will know that you can enjoy wifi sitting at home with jiofi router, all you have to do is to purchase a router and a jio sim, and recharge the net in the same sim.How to get wifi at home for free

With jiofi, your whole family can use the net from home, you just have to recharge with a good plan, whatever you will use a sim of Jio in your jiofi, You can enjoy the Internet day and night, even free of cost, you can also enjoy someone Internet from home

There are only three ways through which you too can enjoy free internet from home, and this is the best way to use the internet, you do not have to use anyone’s internet illegally.

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