2020 Best free and paid keyword research tools – Every blogger must use

If you want to write an article, then free keyword research tools are often required for newbie blogger because you cannot write any content without doing keyword research, if you have written content without doing keyword research, then it’s difficult to get traffic in your blog

Suppose you wrote any content without doing keyword research and no users search anything on that keyword, then your content was wasted because unless people search something related to your keyword, how will you make money, everyone blogger starts its blog for generating some revenue from that so for this reason, any blogger must do keyword research before writing content.

I will give you some examples, if you want, you can search keywords without keyword research tools, but in the end, you need keyword research tools so that you can know how many people search for that particular keyword in a month.

See below few examples, if my niche blog is based on Online jobs, So I will search the niche keyword for my blog in the search engine.

You can see how much competition is there on this keyword, it is difficult to rank your article on this keyword, but it cannot be said that it is impossible.

And as soon as you scroll down, you will get a lot of keywords related to this keyword, you can also write a blog on those keywords as well, but I would just like to say that you should write an article on that keyword where the competition is less, and if you are a newbie in this filed then don’t try to write articles on high competition keyword because it’s not easy to rank

See below the related keywords of online Jobs

You can also write articles on all these keywords, but you will get only so many keywords from the search engine, but you need keyword research tools to find the monthly search volume of these keywords.

Today, I will tell you what are the best free keyword research tools with the help of which you can search for keywords for your blog, a newbie blogger wants to use only free keyword research tools so that he can make money without investing any money

I want to tell you something, no keyword research tools give accurate results, just people trust more on paid research tools, it is not that if you get paid tools then you will become a great blogger. , So don’t be confused, paid tools and free tools are equal, just a little monthly search volume up and down, the rest works are same, so if you are a newbie blogger then don’t Buy paid tools, you can use free keyword research tools You can also search keywords with the help, just focus on your content and try to write a good article so that more people read your article.

Top 3 Paid keyword research tools for blogger

Here is the name of all best paid keyword research tools name.

As you can see all the above tools names, I have used all these tools myself, so you can also use them, all these tools are awesome

Top 3 Free Keyword Research Tools For blogger

I use these three tools to search keywords, you can also use Ubersuggest tools, although Ubersuggest is now a paid tool but still not a fully paid tool, you can use it

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So these 3 free tools that I use daily to find the keyword, if you are a newbie blogger then you should not work on high competition keyword, you should work on a keyword with less competition and on any keyword Before working, do a double quote to see how much competition there is on the keyword.

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